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We provide luxury cat boarding
Book your pet's boarding appointment on our app!
book your pet's boarding appointment on our app!

You may think your cat will be fine on her own if you go away for a few days, but that isn’t necessarily true.

While indoor cats are relatively self-sufficient, being left home alone can be very stressful. In addition, you never know when disaster might strike, and if your cat is left alone, it could be several hours - or even days - before they receive the help they need.

At Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort, we offer safe, loving, and comfortable cat boarding in our signature Kitty Suites, and we would be happy to have your feline friend as our guest. There are no cages in our luxury cat apartments, and your kitty will feel right at home while in our loving care.
domestic short-haired striped cat looking at the camera in cat boarding at wescott acres luxury pet resort

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Cat Boarding Services

When your cat stays in our Kitty Suites, they’ll be in a large, sunny room with a full glass wall that overlooks the Cottage Play Yard. There are also two windows with window seats for your fur baby to enjoy.

Each of our Kitty Suites is a private 2.5’ x 3’ apartment with a Lucite front for our feline guests to peer through.
Pricing$21.00 per night

Cat Boarding

in Columbia

For safe, comfortable, and luxurious cat boarding in Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and the surrounding areas, choose Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort. To request additional information or to schedule your pet’s stay, please contact us today.
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