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Why Your Dog Needs Daily Exercise


Exercise is very important for dogs, just as it is for humans! Although the amount of exercise varies based on the breed and age of your pup, giving them the physical activity they need is an important part of their mental and physical wellbeing. 

If you’re the proud owner of a puppy, you may have noticed that they get bursts of energy where they run around for stretches at a time. These ‘zoomies’ are very common and typically a puppy will need several walks or play sessions each and every day. On the other end of the exercise and energy spectrum are senior pups, who may not be able to run as fast as they used to, but still need daily exercise. Even short walks around the neighborhood can be great for your dog. 

Try a variety of different exercise activities for your pup. Even if you’re only able to take them on a daily walk, mix up the routes so they can smell and observe different environments. You may want to check with your vet if you’re unsure whether your pup is up for some of the exercise routines, but here are a few activities you can do with your pup to give them great exercise:

  • Go hiking: Dogs love going outdoors and taking them on a hike with you is a fantastic way to bond with your pup.
  • Run with them: Dogs love to run. If your dog is physically able to, consider taking them on a jog around your neighborhood or on a bike path. 
  • Take them swimming: Swimming is a great exercise activity that can relieve stress, help with obesity, and strengthen the muscles around joint areas. Swimming is also recommended for dogs suffering from arthritis or have recently gone through surgery. If your pup was recently injured though, be sure to check with your vet if it’s okay to take your dog swimming. 

Schedule play dates with other dogs: One additional benefit of scheduling play dates with other pups is the opportunity to socialize your dog. Socialization is important for dogs of all breeds and ages, primarily because it helps your dog ease into new situations, gives them confidence, and can make them happier overall.

Our Luxury Pet Resort Offers Plenty of Exercise for your Dog!

If you’re looking for your pup to get great daily exercise but your schedule is limited, then we can help you out! Residing in the Irmo, Columbia, and Lexington area, Wescott Acres offers a beautiful luxury pet resort with boarding facilities for both dogs and cats as well as doggy daycare. Contact us if you have any questions!

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