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Pet Grooming in Irmo


We want to make sure our pets get regular grooms so they can stay fresh, clean, and healthy. One of the biggest advantages of your pet getting regular grooms is that you can act quickly if you or the groomer spots any irregularities or health concerns on your pet, such as skin allergies, bumps, or rashes. 

If you’re in the Irmo area and are looking for a thorough and professional pet groomer, then you may be faced with quite a few choices. Look for a pet groomer who offers the following services: 


  • Hair Trims and Shave Downs: Similar to humans, pets need haircuts too! While some breeds grow longer hair and need more regular haircuts, the pets that have shorter fur will also need hair trims from time to time. Hair trims and shave-downs prevent the fur from getting too messy and unkempt and keep the fur from getting matted. Additionally, regular hair trims will allow you to act quickly if you spot any skin allergy symptoms, fleas, or ticks. 


  • Regular Baths: Regular bathing is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Although the frequency may vary across breeds and pet types, bathing is still necessary for your pet to stay healthy. While it is possible to give your pet a bath at home, consider getting your pet bathed at a professional place so those hard to reach and sensitive areas such as the ears can be cleaned as well. 


  • Nail Trims: Long nails can be very uncomfortable for your pet. Walking around the house with long nails puts pressure on your pets’ nails and can cause injury. Furthermore, if your pet loves playing around inside the house, they stand a higher risk of getting their nails caught in the carpet or furniture and can seriously injure themselves. Getting regular nail trims or grinding can avoid most of these issues and will keep your pet comfortable. 


  • Teeth Brushing: Dental hygiene is very important for pets. If you observe any of the following problems such as bad breath, broken teeth, plaque, abnormal chewing, or pain around the mouth then it’s best to schedule an appointment with your vet to see if there are any serious health concerns with your pet. 

For All Your Pet Grooming Needs, Visit Wescott Acres in Irmo

We offer full grooming services for pets at very competitive prices. You can bring your pet in just for grooming, or you can schedule a groom or bath at the end of your pet’s stay with us to ensure that they’ll be clean and refreshed when it’s time for them to head home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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