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Cat Boarding in Irmo

Cats, just like their canine counterparts, get stressed when familiarity is disrupted. If you must leave town on business or an extended vacation, be mindful, while many cats are fine in solitary conditions, there are likewise many indoor cats that risk having their entire world flipped upside down by your absence. That’s why it’s imperative to find a boarding facility that you can trust and feel comfortable leaving your feline companion at during your absence. 


Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort is here to provide your cat with comfort, love, and safety that will mirror their life at home. We pledge to you, your cat will be given nothing but love and luxurious accommodations during their stay in cat apartments. Unlike other boarding facilities, our feline guests will never be left in the cages - we want your kitty to feel as free and comfortable as possible while in our care. 


Our Kitty Suites are large and allow for plenty of sunshine to beam through a glass wall that beautifully overlooks our Cottage Play Yard. 


Our suites consist of private 2.5’ x 3’ accommodations with windows and window seats for all your cat’s curious viewing pleasures. 


If you’re planning on leaving town soon, don’t leave your cat being with uncertainty tugging at your heart. Instead, leave your feline companion behind in luxury at Wescott Acres where you can feel confident your cat is being treated like royalty. 

We’ll Look After Your Cat With Love and Care at Wescott Acres

Here at Wescott Acres, our loving and compassionate staff will look after your cat while you are out of town. We ensure your cat’s safety, comfort, and health are kept as our highest priority. Call or visit our site for more information regarding our boarding facility procedures and safety guidelines.


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