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5 Quick Tips to Relax Your Anxious Puppy

Sadly, anxiety is not unique to humans. Our beloved canine companions can easily suffer from the debilitating effects of anxiety as well. Usually, a chronically anxious pup originates from a sense of abandonment - such as being surrendered to a shelter. If your pup suffers from anxiety, this post will help provide several proven ways to bring your anxious pup relief.


If you are struggling to help your dog relax, here are some strategies that may give your pup some relief:


  • Play Music: Music has been shown to help slow a dog’s heartbeat and allow for stress hormones such as cortisol to lower. For example, to ease your pet's separation anxiety play calming music to fill the void of your absence. 


  • Exercise: If your pup is stressed and filled to the brim with jittery pent-up energy: exercise is the answer. Go to the park and throw that Frisby until your dog has fully stretched their muscles and released their excess energy. Daily walks are also a key way to tune into your dog's physical health and mental health.


  • Aromatherapy: Vet-approved essential oils can be a tool in your arsenal to calm your anxious dog. Be sure to apply the oil in places where your dog won’t lick, such as the back, and always consult your vet before applying any questionable products to your pet!


  • Soothing Physical Tough: Never underestimate the power of physical affection. When you notice the telltale signs of canine anxiety arise within your dog, simply comfort them with your love and company. This physical affection will give your dog reassurance and ease their anxieties.


  • Calming Clothing: Canine calming clothing such as a ThunderShirt is an option for some pets with anxiety. These canine clothing products are designed to offer your dog a sensation of protection - much like the idea of a security blanket. However, be aware, not every dog will be a good fit for this calming strategy. 


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