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4 Reasons To Try Our New App, Yourgi

Our team at Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort is on a mission to provide you and your furry companion with the best care possible. While we’ve invested heavily in providing our...
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Celebrating Halloween with your Pet

It's Halloween season, and you know your pet wants in on all the fun. We're talking about the holiday that's all about dressing up and eating candy—and we are just as...
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Helping Your Pup Deal With Separation Anxiety When You Go Back to School

Dogs love the summer break because it's a chance for them to spend more time with their beloved humans. However, when summer ends, many dogs struggle with the separation anxiety of...
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6 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet Dog

Adopting a pet dog is a rewarding experience that can bring you joy for years. While you ultimately decide if adopting your new friend is right for you, there are certain...
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Choosing a Luxury Pet Resort In Columbia

Choosing a pet resort is not as easy as it sounds. You need to consider many things when picking a destination for your animal companion to stay at while you’re away....
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Why Board Your Pet in a Luxury Resort?

There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing your dogs happy, wagging their tails, or purring with content. And what better way to show your furry friends how much you love them than...
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3 Creative Dog Toy Ideas

The one thing you can be sure of when it comes to dog toys is that they’re going to get destroyed. It’s a sad but true fact and if you’re anything...
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Cat Boarding in Irmo

Cats, just like their canine counterparts, get stressed when familiarity is disrupted. If you must leave town on business or an extended vacation, be mindful, while many cats are fine in...
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Socialization in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can and should be socialized at any point in their life? From puppies to senior dogs, socialization is important to help dogs manage their stress levels...
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5 Quick Tips to Relax Your Anxious Puppy

Sadly, anxiety is not unique to humans. Our beloved canine companions can easily suffer from the debilitating effects of anxiety as well. Usually, a chronically anxious pup originates from a sense...
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