Wescott Acres is grateful that we have not had any problems with the flooding.  We want to reach out and help our community by offering a warm, dry place for pets who’s families’ homes have been damaged by the recent rain.

 We will provide shelter for pets at Wescott Acres for up to two weeks at no charge for families whose homes are not livable because of the recent rain.

After two weeks, we will reassess on a case by case basis.  

We want to help you in your emergency time of need.

ALSO, Wescott Acres will offer shelter for pets of First Responders and Emergency Relief Personnel assisting in relief efforts.  We will care for their pets at a 50% discount while they are on flood duty.

Wescott Acres wants to do this support of our community, and also for our own team member, Kerri Gable, whose home is flooded.

Wescott Acres cares, and we will bond together to help those who are not so fortunate as we are.  We are supportive of each other and our community!

The Caring Team at Wescott Acres